The experiences will be designed and planned according to the special requests and needs of each Guest.

A new and breathtaking itinerary will be proposed, but completely variable and flexible, which will touch the most beautiful places of the Lake, offering rare and fascinating views, treat yourself to a visit to the most beautiful Villas, charming village and hidden waterfall.

Lake Como’s Best will be happy to give You all the perfect personalized attention on your luxurious day inspired by the inimitable and electrifying atmosphere of “La Dolce Vita”.


1,30 hour tour


The most powerful way to start the day is discover the unknow charms of Lake Como, surrounded by the colors of Sunrise and nature soundscapes.

1 hour tour


"Life is short, Lake is cool" Discover what awaits You here..

2 hours tour


Imagine a leisurely cruise by limousine boat on Lake Como and enjoy in totally privacy. You will certainly appreciate cruising around the southwestern branch of Lake Como!

3 hours tour


Often referred to as the Pearl of Lake Como. It’s probably one of the most popular wonders of this area. It’s a must! It’s BELLAGIO!

4 hours tour


..once it casts its spell, holds one is in its net of wonder forever! Don’t miss out!!

6 hours tour


The shimmering lake impresses from every angle. Soak up stunning lake scenery during our most popular experience! Sit and admire the breathtaking views!!

7 hours tour or more


A week wouldn’t be enough to discover all the wonders.. The best solution is join Lake Como’s Best to making sure You do not miss the best of our Lake.

1,30 hour tour


One of the most beautiful and romantic way to end the day in Lake Como is waiting for Sunset and enjoying the pleasant view while drinking a glass of Prosecco or Champagne and.. Cheers !!

3 hours approximately


The moonlight in a blue lake will be the essential and perfect ingredient of this unique night to reach your Restaurant in style for an Unforgettable Dinner!!


All You have to do is enjoy every second and moment of your memorable day.

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